Spa at the Peaks

Nourish body, mind and spirit surrounded by the pristine beauty of the 14,000-foot Rocky Mountain peaks. The Spa at The Peaks Resort blends a welcoming ambience with a fresh, modern attitude and rejuvenating services inspired by the splendor of its setting.

The Spa at The Peaks echoes the philosophy of the early Ute people who once roamed the land...celebrating the natural beauty of the terrain, honoring Father Sun for light and energy, and appreciating Mother Earth for the gift of mountains, grass and herbs. Making those elements a part of your spa experience enhances the life-enriching tradition of one of the country’s leading mountain resort spas. Your spa experience begins with relaxation but ends far deeper within you.

An entire day of renewal is yours at The Spa at The Peaks. Your spa experience is not limited to the length of a particular service. Instead, we welcome you to immerse yourself in tranquility and exceptional service...all day long. The Spa is 42,000 square feet of facilities for your enjoyment.

The Amenities Include:

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